Adding a middle name

Many people consider adding a middle name. Usually, this is in recognition or in memory of a respected family member, while others want to include in their name the name of a celebrity or sporting idol. Whatever your reason and whatever your choice of name, you can easily add one or more middle names to your legal name by applying for a Deed Poll. When you receive your Deed Poll document, you simply use it to get all your official documents and records changed to your new name.

Please note, it is important to bear in mind that unless you use your Deed Poll document to get your major documents and records changed, your new name (with the addition of your new middle name) will not be recognised as your legal name. Being in possession of a Deed Poll document is only the first part of changing your legal name. Your name does not legally change until you start the process of using your Deed Poll to get your major documents and records changed to your new name. Having said that, because adding a middle name is not considered a significant change to your name, there’s no need to get everything changed immediately. For example, you could change your passport when it needs to be renewed; when you next visit your bank and doctors, you could take your Deed Poll document with you. Therefore, over a period of time and without too much inconvenience, you will get all your major documents and records changed thus making your new middle name part of your legal name.

Changing your passport

We suggest above that there’s no need to get your passport changed until it next needs to be renewed. This advice is good if you will only be using your passport for a holiday since travel agents and airline companies etc only require you to give your first name and surname when making a booking. However, if you will be travelling overseas to live, work or will be emigrating, you will need to get your passport changed beforehand to include your new middle name. It is important that all the documents you take with you e.g. travel documents, passport, driving licence, credit card etc, show the same name.

Deed Poll trivia

One of the most popular middle names added is Danger, inspiration for which comes from the 1997 film Austin Powers, International Man Of Mystery where the character Austin Powers, upon being being released from custody, tells a guard “Danger is my middle name.” Every week, we issue at least one Deed Poll to someone who makes Danger their middle name.