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A Family Deed Poll is a less expensive alternative to having separate Adult and Child Deed Polls where a parent is changing their name and at least one child (who is under the age of 16) is changing their surname to the same new surname as the parent. A Family Deed Poll is in fact an Adult Deed Poll with the child(ren) added. Consequently, the parent and child(ren) share the same physical Deed Poll document. Please note, the applicant parent can change their forenames (first and middle names) as well as their surname, but the forenames of the child(ren) cannot be changed on a Family Deed Poll. You need to order separate children’s packs if you wish to make any change to your child(ren)’s first and/or middle names. Please note, a spouse/partner or sons and daughters who are 16 years of age or over can change their forename(s) and surname because they will be issued with a separate Adult Deed Poll document.

Because children under 16 are added to the parent’s Deed Poll document, the disadvantage of a Family Deed Poll is that when your children grow up and leave home, they will not have their own Deed Poll document to take with them, which they will need (along with their birth certificate) when they are required to prove their identity (for employment purposes or if applying for a mortgage, passport or driving licence etc).

If you are unsure if a Family Deed Poll will meet your family’s name change requirements, please call our Helpline (see top right of this page for our telephone numbers and hours).

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