Apply for a copy of your archived Deed Poll

If you returned your signed Deed Poll to us for archiving – as part of our Legal Copy and Archive Service – we can issue further legal copies from our archives. The fee is £14, which includes two legal copies. If you require additional legal copies, they are just £2 each. For example, the fee for three legal copies is £16.

Please note, the £14 fee you initially pay is to search our archives and records. If your Deed Poll is not in our archives, you can ask us to issue you with a replacement, in which case the £14 you paid will be used towards the fee for your replacement Deed Poll. If you do not require a replacement Deed Poll, the £14 is non-refundable.

If you ordered your Deed Poll from us before 2000, we will not have your Deed Poll archived because before this year our Legal Copy and Archive Service was not available.

We can only issue legal copies of a Deed Poll from our archives to the person(s) named on the Deed Poll. A child named on a Deed Poll can apply for legal copies of it so long as the child is now at least 16 years of age.

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