Name change letter – Example 5

Delegation of parental responsibility
(where a person with PR for a child delegates PR to someone else the purpose of changing the child’s name)

The following letter is an example of what we require from a person with parental responsibility (PR) for a child wishes to delegate PR to someone else for the purpose of changing the child’s name.  This would enable, for example, a father, grandparent or a family or friend carer (with whom the child lives and who does not have PR) to change a child’s name.

If you are changing more than one child’s name, please provide a separate letter for each child.

Please note, everyone with PR for the child must consent to the delegation of PR.

Letter 5 Template

[Your home address]

[Your daytime telephone number]


To whom it may concern.

Dear Sirs,

I, the undersigned, having sole parental responsibility for [insert child’s current full name here] consent to [his/her] name being changed to [insert new full name here].

For the purpose of changing my [son/daughter’s] name, I hereby delegate parental responsibility to [related person’s full name] [of address – if different to mother’s] who is my [son/daughter’s] [state relationship to child].

Yours faithfully,

[Signature] [Your full name] Mother

Fully completed example of Letter 5

Name Change Consent

Where to send your signed letter of consent

Please send your signed letter of consent to us using one of the following methods:

1.  Fax to 0333 444 8486 (+44 333 444 8486 from overseas).

2.  Scan your signed letter and email to

3.  Post to either of the addresses below.

Please note, if you are paying by cheque or postal order, or claiming a fee reduction for receiving a qualifying benefit, we suggest you do not fax or email your letter but enclose it with your payment and/or benefit evidence.

Freepost address
(if posting in the UK)

Using our Freepost address costs nothing but it takes about 3 working days to reach us. If you want your letter to arrive sooner, or if you are overseas, use the address below

Name Change By Post

Full postal address

Use this address if you want your letter to arrive sooner or if you are posting from overseas. Don’t forget to affix the correct postage

Apply For Name Change By Post