How to apply

There are just 2 simple steps to changing your name by Deed Poll

Change My Name Online

You first need to apply for your Deed Poll documentation, which can be for an adult, child or for a family. You can apply in the following ways:

Apply online (using our secure server)

Apply by telephone (apply and pay over the phone)

Apply by post (request a postal application pack)

Apply in person (visit our offices)

Change My Name

When you receive your Deed Poll documentation, which we will post to you in accordance with your chosen delivery service, you simply sign and date your Deed Poll document in the presence of an independent witness such as a friend, neighbour or work colleague.

Your signed Deed Poll, bearing our official seal, is documentary proof of your change of name, which you then need to show to all government departments, companies and organisations that hold your personal records, instructing them to change your name. You can also apply for a new British passport, driving licence, cheque book, credit cards etc to be reissued in your new name.

Full and comprehensive instructions will be enclosed with your Deed Poll documentation.

To guide you through the name change process, you will receive our helpful Deed Poll Pack, supplied in a protective storage folder containing the following:

Your Deed Poll Pack contents

Your personalised Deed Poll document, ready for signing, which will be presented in a protective storage folder.
Clearly written instructions explaining how to correctly execute your Deed Poll (i.e. how to correctly sign, date and get witnessed).
Suggested list of record holders (i.e. government departments, companies and organisations) you will need to notify of your name change, with instructions as to what you need to do for each.

Example covering letter to send to record holders instructing them to change their records to your new name.
Your original letter of consent (if a letter was sent to us to change your child’s name).
An order form for our Legal Copy and Archive Service (if you do not order this service when you applied for your Deed Poll).