Who to advise after changing your name by Deed Poll

After changing your name by Deed Poll, you need to notify the government departments, companies and organisations that hold your personal records (these are known as record holders). Major record holders such as HM Passport Office, the DVLA and the financial institutions you have dealings with will want to see either your original Deed Poll document or a legal copy of it (legal copies can be obtained as part of our Legal Copy and Archive Service). Most other record holders will accept a photocopy of your Deed Poll.

If you have changed the name of your child, you will also be required to provide evidence that everyone with parental responsibility has consented (usually by way of showing the letter of consent you sent to us, which will be returned when we post your Deed Poll documentation to you).

Listed below are many of the record holders you need to advise of your name change. Your Deed Poll Pack will contain a more comprehensive list together with notes about how to notify each record holder.

Inland Revenue for tax and NI records.
Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (driving licence and vehicle registration document).
HM Passport Office (to apply for a new passport).
Building Society.
Mortgage provider.
Utility companies (water, sewerage, electricity, gas).
Telephone company.
Mobile telephone company.
Local authority (council tax and register of electors).
TV Licensing office.
Credit card and store charge-card companies.
Finance/loan companies.
Premium Bond office.
Investment companies.
Companies you have shares in.
Pension company.
Insurance companies (e.g. motor, medical, life, endowments, buildings, contents, extended warranties etc).
Mail-order companies.
Motoring organisations.
Professional institutes and bodies.
Clubs, societies and associations.
Internet Service Provider.
Social media websites.
Police (if you have any criminal actions against you or are on the Sex Offenders’ Register).

Please note, it is not possible to change your name on your marriage, adoption or decree absolute certificates. In certain cases, you may be able to get your birth certificate re-issued or amended. See our page Can a birth certificate be changed for further information.